The Hameau des Damias

At the heart of Regional Natural Park of the Baronnies Provençales

The Damias is a hamlet in the town of Éourres ... a bit far at the end of a green valley, a haven of peace and nature! At 1000 meters above sea level, winter is harsh, late spring, summer sun drenched keeps a certain evening freshness and fall is adorned with thousands of colors ... Each season has its charms: spring and fall ideal for hiking or relaxing stays, summer for families and seminars and winter ... to rest!
Thus, we are closed from 15 November to early March.


Le Hameau des Damias called "the Damians" by the elders of the land was a nice big farm, prosperous until the mid 60. Then, with the rural exodus, the shutters are closed and a great silence settled in the valley ... only sheep neighbor last breeder of common grazed there during the winter ...
Fell in love with this magical place .... we had the chance to acquire in 1980 and gradually we started to revive it. Our project: agriculture biodynamic and welcoming place where families could it "feel at home", find the link to the land ...
Precursors to our way of this "return to earth", "sustainable development" and "eco-villages" we both contributed to the revival of the village of Éourres while working towards the transformation of Damias.

The ecological building renovation

The building was renovated in ecological materials: hemp insulation hemp or wool, coated in lime and wood frame structures and bricks ... We are now equipped with solar panels for hot water but unfortunately the passage of "gas timber" is not easy to implement ... stoves and fireplaces fortunately offset somewhat this heating so little ecological!
And since this year, our great Hogan, our room of 100m2 activities, we installed a pellet stove and mixed woods.
This is one of the reasons we closed in winter: warm these old walls require a lot of energy for some time used ...
The facilities are simple and comfortable but sober, in harmony with the nature of the place that invites you to walk or meditation ... There is no TV, and portable hard to pass ... We offer our private phone for essential calls. The internet is not always fast but we installed an "internet corner" on the terrace of group accommodation.

Our biodynamic farm

We keep a strong and vital relationship with the land ... before we devote to home, we have cultivated several hectares in organic gardening. Mary and Fanny joined our team and look after this season farming activities: large gardens biodynamic but also in "various experiments" ... we want to upgrade the moors abandoned for so long abused by overgrazing and invasion of black pine ... horses and sheep are there to help us in this task.
We welcome people wishing to discover the WWOOF farm work. Depending on the season, they can take part in different activities from seed to plate.
«Novices in the management of a production garden, we want to work in line with our convictions as respect for the Earth, for people and biodiversity. So we want to experience agroecology, natural garden and other alternative agricultural practices that are part of sustainable while meeting the food needs of the farm. Feeding directly locals and visitors to the site with fresh vegetables, tasty and healthy is a challenge that inspires us especially.»

the Planters

Here the team of Damias ....

From left to right:

Marie and Fanny,2 boxes full of joy and ideas to germinate.
Rob, the patriarch.
Mathieu and Louis in his arms and his companionValentine: they live in the place for a year now and want to invest in our adventure: Valentine to home and Mathieu in landscaping, will reinvigorate both camping and recreate "family atmosphere" of the early years with entertainment, activities and nightlife. Mathieu is a lover of trees ... You will discover his passion from climbing trees with him.
Julien, handyman Rob as he takes over ... a beautiful sharing that allows Rob and Caroline take longer for them: care for Rob, small children and the town hall to Caroline, not to mention getaways or trips on horseback ....
You understood! Rob and Caroline have embarked on this adventure there are over thirty years. Over the years, they rebuilt the village, created the farm, developed home and started a family ...
Fabio, the companion of Mary, joiner and carpenter, he exercises his talent both on Damias that Eourres or nearby.
And Alain: our nomad who comes among us, you will discover the shamanic universe ....